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• Piroctone Olamine

• SymCalmin & Matrine

• Niacinamide VB3 & Tri-Proteins

• Dipotassium Glycyrrhizinate & Allantoin

• 6 Plant Extracts Microcrystalline Plant


BEAUPAN KEY-1 Micro-Plant Based Repair & Restore Scalp Shampoo miraculously repairs and rejuvenates the hair and scalp as follows:

  1. Anti-Dandruff
  2. Anti-Itching & Redness
  3. Anti-Flaking Scalp
  4. Scalp folliculitis.
  5. Seborrheic dermatitis.
  6. Tinea capitis.
  7. Head sores.
  8. Hair loss.

KEY-1 Repair & Restore Scalp Shampoo formula with Piroctone Olamine also contains six soothing and antipruritic ingredients to relieve Dandruff, itching, redness, and swelling. Helps with flaking scalp & fungus control and provides deep and comprehensive nutrition for the hair and scalp. After use, the head is relaxed and refreshed, and the scalp is healthily left smooth and supple.

Product Benefits

1. HAIR FOLLICLES: It helps to solve the problem of Propionibacterium acnes and Staphylococcus aureus that cause itching, redness and swelling of the head, and resolve folliculitis.

2. DERMATITIS: helps resolve seborrheic dermatitis.

3. ANTI-ITCH: contains 6 plant soothing and long-term anti-itch ingredients.

4. ANTI-DANDRUFF: long-term anti-itching, comprehensively moisturizes, cares for, and protects hair, and improves dandruff problem.

5. DETUMESCENCE: block seborrheic alopecia, reduce redness and detumescence.

6. SCALP: solve tinea capitis, head sores, red bumps caused by fungal infection, reduce sebum secretion, seborrheic scalp inflammation and scalp itching caused by Pityrosporum, Gram-negative bacteria, Malassezia, fungi, etc. crumbs.

7. REPAIR: repairs scalp damage caused by permed, color treated and bleaching to the hair.

8. HAIR LOSS: resists and prevents hair loss and promotes faster hair growth.

9. CLEANING: cleans hair follicles and repairs hair cuticles.

10. NUTRITION: provides enough amino acids, proteins, and vitamin nutritional care to the hair and scalp.

11. HAIR QUALITY: solves split ends and rough hair, makes hair smooth, fluffy and silky.

12. FOAM: The foam is light and full, allowing the scalp to enjoy the nourishing feeling of delicate milk bath.

Key Ingredients

  1. Piroctone Olamine
  2. SymCalmin®
  3. Allantoin
  4. Dipotassium Glycyrrhizinate
  5. Matrine
  6. Hexamidine Di isethionate
  7. Madecassoside