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For Repair and Restore of Permed and Color Treated Hair

• Multi-Proteins

• Multi-Vitamins (VB3 VB5 VB8)

• Allantoin

• 2-Poly Glutamic Acid

• Microcrystalline Plant Technology



Beaupan Key-1 Micro-Plant Based Brilliant Color Shine Shampoo specially designed for permed and color treated hair care for.

The hair scales that are severely damaged and fall off.

• Loss of hair nutrition.

• Withered and rough hair.

• Frizzy and brittle hair.

Developed high-tech formula. Effective solution to eliminate these serious hair and scalp problems. Supplement needed nutrients (keratin and vitamins). The cuticles will regenerate and repair quickly, enhance the vitality of the hair follicles, provide deep and comprehensive nutrition and moisture, and quickly repair the cuticles. The hair quality is left smooth, bright, plump, and silky, and the hair color is naturally bright.

Product Benefits

1. HAIR CUTICLES: contains four proteins and three vitamins to repair damaged hair cuticles and enhance the vitality of hair follicles.

2. NOURISHMENT: Fully penetrates to provide nutrition to the hair and scalp.

3. REPAIR: Repairs damaged scalp and hair from color treatments, permed hair, bleaching, etc., helps to recover hair’s elasticity and is no longer easy to break and fall off.

4. GLOSS: restores dry, rough hair that loses its vitality and luster back to a nourished and moisturized, fluffy, soft, smooth, and shiny feel and look.

5. COLOR PROTECTION: keep and protect the hair color bright and comfortable and refreshing.

6. HAIR GROWTH: can promote faster hair growth

7. ANTI-DANDRUFF: long-term anti-itching, comprehensively moisturizes, cares, and protects hair, and improves dandruff problem.

8. CLEANING: Repairs hair cuticles.

9. HAIR QUALITY: solves split ends and rough hair, makes hair smooth, smooth, fluffy, and silky.

10. FOAM: The foam is light and full, allowing the scalp to enjoy the nourishing feeling of delicate milk bath.


Key Ingredients

• Arginine; Arg

• Keratin (AJIDEW ZN-100

• Keratin (PROMOIS WK

• Silk Fibroin

• D-Expanthenol VB5

• Niacinamide VB3

• Inositol VB8

• Allantoin

• Poly Glutamic Acid, Glutamic Acid Polymer PGA-L