Acerca de BEAUPAN

Beaupan® is a registered trademark with the State of California, USA, belonging to Beaupan USA Inc, a United States Corporation registered in the same State.

The Beaupan Group is dedicated to the research, development and manufacturing of premium products for the health and beauty industry in compliance to US FDA regulations and guidelines.

Beaupan is a GMP driven, fully-integrated organization registered with federal and state agencies and certified by every major cosmetic and personal care private licensing organization.

We are a transparent organization, open to validation tours and third-party private audits.

Beaupan USA, Inc. is a value-based, social, purpose-driven company focused on maintaining a public image that respects all aspects of social responsibility and understands that the products we make are a reflection of our policies and values, which directly affect the consumer’s health and well-being.

Our clean, wholesome and safe ingredients result in effective and safe products manufactured in our modern, safe and environmentally-conscientious plant by a team dedicated to our client's health and the consumer’s satisfaction worldwide, in adherence to global and regional requirements. 

  Beaupan USA, Inc. adopted a unique and practical approach to R&D Innovation based on the same concept used by all major high-tech companies in order to avoid stagnation, explore new materials, and remain on the cutting edge of innovation, trends and ingredient safety. We call it Global Collaboration Platform and it operates similarly to an open-source project, where scientists and developers are carefully chosen to participate in specific projects according to each design brief’s target. Our GCP has worked many projects with scientists, packaging design engineers, and chemical companies from every continent at the same time. After our peers review their submissions and ideas, our certified U.S. team presents our clients with a product that is guaranteed to trigger emotional connections and build brand acceptance in every demographic group. This out-of-the-box thinking can create hero products in any category and price range.