Beaupan, Our Founder

Being an incessant over-achiever, who has dedicated the last 30 years of his life to the health and beauty industry, Peter's dedication has changed the landscape of this industry... from one that historically rewarded the Fortune Companies who dominated the world of marketing and advertising, and brought it to a level playing field where great ideas and independently-owned startups are allowed to enter the market and gain exposure by using effective formulas that live up to their claims.    

Peter's passion for incorporating next-step technologies and novel ingredients into his formulas surpassed even his own aspirations. As a curator of innovative and sustainable packaging, in addition to implementing constant upgrades in automation and efficiency-driven manufacturing assets, Peter has brought great strides to the market.

His products have been featured in major chain stores and boutique counters across the United States, Europe and Asia -- totaling over 35 countries around the globe.

Peter has always loved the arts, and his natural gift for graphic design and painting gives each and every one of his creations a unique and visually-appealing quality that connects with the public at a visual, tactile and aspirational level. 

Giving back to the community that fostered his growth and success comes as a debt of social responsibility to Perter. He has been validated by many awards and public recognitions, including a Certificate of Outstanding Citizenship by the Los Angeles County Governance authorities in California and the Certificate of Commendation by a U.S. congressman --both in the same year!  He was also presented with the Global Outstanding Award in the United States, and he received a Certificate of Honor for Outstanding Contributions to the Community, issued by the California State Government, and received the American Light Award.

Mr. Pan heeds the scientific nature in his field of material, and is committed to the exploration of new ideas and next generation advances in clean and sustainable ingredients for his manufacturing process.

Quoting from Peter's inaugural speech at the grand opening of Beaupan USA Inc, his latest state of the art manufacturing facility in Southern California:  "...Sustainability, Recyclability, Cradle-to-Cradle economic principles, and Clean Cosmetics are not just buzzwords within our team, but are weaved into the fabric of our business model. A model that carefully selects each and every strategic supplier/partner and validates every process before we can make such claims"...

Over the years he has been deeply involved in researching the cosmetics industry.  His dream is to create world-class cosmetics based on pure, natural and organic ingredients, with beauty and health, always, as his main focus.  He guides his research team to continually explore the scientific and technological aspects of raw material supply bases around the world in order to find the highest quality suppliers. He has assisted in the development of the best natural and effective formulas, alongside major laboratories, in the United States.  He has more than 30 years of American business management experience manufacturing high-quality, people-friendly products. 

His ultimate dream is to provide beauty and health to everyone by offering his meticulously-constructed products to the world. He hopes, by doing this, that everyone may enjoy their most favorable and beneficial life imaginable.