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For Daily Care & Maintenance Hair & Scalp

• Tri-Proteins

• Multi-Vitamins (VB3 VB5 VB8)

• Multi-Amino Acids

• Microcrystalline Plant Technology



BEAUPAN KEY-1 Micro-Plant based Key Signature shampoo with the core goal of providing your hair with essential cleansing properties to improve hair hygiene and treat scalp conditions. Our KEY-1 formula is a proven effective hair health maintenance to prevent and restore hair from

(1) Hair loss and Broken hair

(2) Hair is not fluffy

(3) Dry & Brittle looking hair

(4) Split ends & Dullness

(5) Greasy Hair

The high-tech formula free from harmful ingredients like parabens, provides sufficient amino acids and protein for the hair and scalp to restore the healthy vitality of vigorous and bright hair. It is a highlight of our products that there is no need to use conditioner or essential oils containing greasy ingredients after shampooing.



1. OIL CONTROL: essential for oily hair, to solve greasy hair.

2. CLEANING: cleans at hair follicles, repairs hair, and moisturizes scalp.

3. NUTRITION: provides enough amino acids, proteins, and vitamin care to the hair and scalp.

4. HAIR QUALITY: solves split ends and brittle hair, makes hair smooth, shiny, fluffy and silky.

5. ANTI-DANDRUFF: comprehensively moisturizes scalp and protects the hair and improves the problem of dandruff.

6. ANTI-HAIR LOSS: prevents and restores hair loss and makes hair full and soft.

7. HAIR CHANGE: provides normalized maintenance and care for hair and scalp at any age.

8. HAIR GROWTH: made with ingredients specialized to stimulate the scalp it can promote faster hair growth.

9. FOAM: Rich foaming formula that safely removes bacteria and provides extracts to soothe the scalp.

Key Ingredients

1-Sodium N-lauroylsarcosinate

2-Sodium lauroyl glutamate

3-Betaine (Trimethylglycine)

4-Arginine; Arg

5-KeratinAJIDEW ZN-100


7-D-expanthenol VB5

8-Niacinamide VB3

9-Inositol VB8

10-Poly Glutamic AcidGlutamic Acid Polymer  PGA-L